Upcoming Portage Trail Group Program and Discussion Meetings

All of the program meetings will take place on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. and will be online using Zoom. We ask you to register ahead of time by an email to portagetrailgroup@gmail.com. If you do not have access to the internet but would like to call in, let us know by regular mail to:

Portage Trail Group
13697 Nutmeg Cir NW
Mogadore, OH 44260

and we will send you information by mail or phone.

August 18, Nate Adams will speak on how to make your home more sustainable by electrifying appliances.  Nate works in home construction.

 September 15, we expect to try an in-person meeting (with masks & social distancing) featuring electric vehicles (owned by you if you wish to show off) back at 3300 Morewood, Akron.  If Covid 19 is still not under control, we will postpone or replace this program again.

October 20, Dan Hermes will lead a zoom program titled “Arboriculture and Climate Change.

Discussion Meetings will also take place online using Zoom and will be on the second Tuesday at 7:00 pm. We ask that you register in advance via email to portagetrailgroup@gmail.com or you can arrange to call in by sending a letter to:

Portage Trail Group
13697 Nutmeg Cir NW
Mogadore, OH 44260

These discussion meetings are designed to invite those participating to discuss environmental issues important to you.  If we have small enough groups, the host (probably chair Dick Beck at first) may invite you to share what’s going on in your life and in your area.  We in the Portage Trail Group are excited that this may allow us to hear from those of you who do not live near west Akron.  We would like to hear your ideas about favorite hiking trails, gardening, recycling, plastics & sustainable lifestyles, Ohio environmental politics, or whatever is happening for you related to enjoying, exploring and protecting the earth.

If you or anyone else begins to dominate, disrupt, or use abusive language, the host reserves the right to remove you from the meeting.  But we don’t expect that from sincere Sierra Club members!

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Words from the volunteer Portage Trail Group Sierra Club 2020 chairman

For the last few years, we’ve met for environmental programs the third Tuesday evening of every month except December, and we’ve had a fund-raising Earth Day dinner & auction every spring.

In this year 2020, the corona virus has canceled all these events after our February meeting.


 I’d like to give you quick comments on our January and February meetings:

January 21, at least 41 of us met for a program on Summit County Re-use by Ben McMillan, a young man who has made composting into a business.  It was obvious that others of us are composting, and working to care for good gardening, and the long-term quality of soil.

February 20, at least 43 of us welcomed Tom Dayton.   He described how his business, Dayton Nurseries, pushed him into careful use of water, caring for the soil, and building solar arrays to power his business and to bring more profit.   It was interesting to me to hear him mix his desire to protect the earth (and be an environmentalist) with his search for more profitable ways to run his business.   It was almost as if profit came first, . . . but the two were interchangeable.   That is for some of us the way we in the USA are going to need to care for planet earth in the short run.   And in the long run, many of us think that care for the earth IS profitable!


Starting in March, all of our programs have been canceled or postponed due to the corona virus, and the genuine need for “social distancing.”

As of now, our annual fund-raising Earth Day Dinner & Auction has been rescheduled for Saturday, July 25.   Some think that will end up being canceled or postponed again, . . . but as I write this May 1, we’re letting that date stay until the social experiments in Georgia, Florida, Ohio and around the world give us more clear ideas of what is healthy, . . . and what ISN’T healthy!


Our Earth Day Dinner/Auction IS a fund-raiser, . . . and if it is canceled, it will make a big difference in our “bottom line” income.   We do have enough money in the bank to be able to keep up with expenses for over a year.   Our biggest expense is sending out a snail mail newsletter to 2,500 or so households (and 2,800 or so members) every two months.   We have no paid employees, so we don’t have to worry about payroll.

By the way, the Ohio Chapter Sierra Club and the national Sierra Club DO have paid employees.  Right now I think the Ohio Chapter has the most urgent continuing need for your donations!   Ever since we lost a grant-writing Ohio Chapter executive, it’s been difficult for that group.   But the Ohio Chapter IS still doing things to protect the earth, AND to help us all enjoy and explore Ohio.   You can go online to the Ohio Chapter Sierra Club at sierraclub.org/ohio and make a donation.

It’s possible that we could have an online auction, even if we decide the dinner would not be healthy this year.   But so far, all such decisions are on hold.


Right now our Portage Trail Group executive committee IS meeting by zoom, and keeping in touch by email and even telephone calls.   YES, some of us still talk on the telephone!

By the way, we DO have a desire to have real elections the end of this year.   If you’d like to serve, you will NOT be paid any money, but you may contact us on the executive committee to throw your name (and your skills and motivation) into an election hat.


For now, we have no public meetings, no water monitoring, and no roadside trash pick-up except by individuals.   Why?   In part because the national Sierra Club has banned such gatherings for all members until at least June 14.   In part because our water monitoring managers say such data collection should be done by at least two people together.  [This IS citizen science, remember?]  And mostly, because we really do care about health for the world, including for each of us.

Some of us have considered doing something online (by zoom or Google or another medium), but we haven’t yet organized anything.

Please stay tuned for coming programs.


The corona virus does NOT stop our desire to EXPLORE, ENJOY and PROTECT the planet EARTH.

We hope you enjoy spring;  get outside alone or with people you co-habitate with;  garden or farm well in ways that make soil and people healthier;  and simply walk or run . . . on your property, in your neighborhoods, and in parks.

We are very pleased that both Summit County and Stark County seem to have passed MetroParks levies in our April 28 Ohio primary election.   We know that in Ohio such county parks levies are necessary every few years, because they cannot be voted in for perpetuity.   We hope that you have healthy parks in your areas too!   Let us know when we can support levies or other activities for parks.

To protect the earth, you may write letters to the editor, work for candidates you think will help make the earth a healthier place, pick up litter on your own, and care for land you own!   There ARE folk right now, in our club, who are putting solar arrays on their houses.   Let us know what else you’re doing.

Thanks for reading this, . . . and we wish you healthy living, and opportunities to explore, enjoy and protect planet earth.

                         Richard F “Dick” Beck
                        your volunteer 2020 chair of the Portage Trail Group Sierra Club
                        May 1, 2020

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Volunteer Opportunities

Here’s a great opportunity for alert, wide-awake, energetic, and committed environmentalists!

Akron Peninsula Road Cleanup. Picking up trash along two miles of Akron Peninsula Road in the CVNP is a long-standing PTG responsibility. We do it three or four times per  year on Saturday mornings. It takes at most two hours. A nice walk if nothing else. If you can help out, call or email Dan Nelson, 330-666-4246 or DMNelson@roadrunner.com


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