Sierra Club National Board Election — Final Results

The Inspectors of Election report the final results of the 2017 Sierra Club Board of Directors election as follows:

The five candidates elected:


LOREN BLACKFORD                        28,896     12.07%

NATALIE LUCAS                               28,712    12.00%

RAMON CRUZ                                  28,510    11.91%

JIM DOUGHERTY                             28,295    11.82%

PETER SARGENT                              27,114    11.33%

Results for other candidates who ran:

DEBBIE M. HEATON 26,854 11.22%
ROSS MACFARLANE 26,466 11.06%
STEPHANIE LINDER 24,437 10.21%
KAREN MAKI 20,027 8.37%

Valid Returns by Internet        15,082  (29.62%)
Valid Returns by Mail               35,838  (70.38%)
Total Valid Returns                   50,920

(Invalid Ballots: 326)

Total Ballots Distributed    607,694

Valid Ballots Returned        8.38%

My thanks to everyone in Portage Trail Group who participated in this election. 

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