National Monument Under Attack!

Trump has ordered Secretary of the Interior Zinke to review the status of the new Bears Ears monument in Utah and to submit  recommendations by May 26. He is  then to review all the other monuments created since 1996 (i.e by Clinton and Obama) with comments from the public due by July 10. This is a set-up. Zinke, whatever his convictions, has little choice but to recommend some negative action.
We need an outpouring of positive comments about Bears Ears and the other monuments to lessen the immediate damage and to strengthen the legal action that will follow.
Here’s the drill:
text keyword BEARS EARS to 52886 to get to Zinke’s office
call him at 202-208-7351 and leave message
tweet him @SecretaryZinke
To make a comment to the Interior Department go to and enter DOI-2017-0002 in the search bar
Key points: Bears Ears is not too large; Obama’s staff reduced the size to head off objections, leaving out many important archeological sites. It is not a blow to the local economy; on the contrary it is already encouraging tourism in a remote area. Objections come from reactionary local officials who don’t want outsiders but do want extractive industry (no oil or gas there but some uranium maybe). Above all we need to protect more public land from exploiters and fast buck artists. Public opinion in Utah is 50-50; in the country, overwhelmingly favorable.
Please call, write, tweet , etc. more the  once; it is essential to overwhelm the bad guys!
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