Chair’s Corner

March – April 2018 – by Dick Beck, Chair

1) Please note Guy Marentette’s notes on endorsing candidates.
Endorsement by the Sierra Club is a serious undertaking and includes a three page
questionnaire and personal interview.
2) The Ohio Legislature has agreed to bring a new redistricting proposal to
us on May 8. Meanwhile, can we “steal” some straightforwardly gerrymandered
anti-earth seats this year?
3) Most contributions to the Sierra Club are “501c4” – not tax deductible.
Please continue to give to causes that care for the earth, whether or not you get tax
breaks. Thanks!
4) Our Ohio Chapter has a PAC (political action committee). We can’t
compete in dollars with the fossil fuel industry, but . . . people look to the Sierra
Club to raise issues that will care for the earth in the long term. Your donations
will be well-spent!
5) Our own Tom Collins was honored at the Ohio Chapter Sierra Club retreat
Saturday January 28, with the annual Ohio Chapter “Communications” award.
As Chapter executive Jen Miller said, Tom may be “our most prolific letter-to-the editor
writer ever.” Tom serves on our PTGSC executive committee, and cochairs
both our political committee, and the Ohio Chapter Energy Committee. He
& his wife Sherry own a Chevy Volt, and Tom’s a strong proponent of EVs
(electric vehicles) and renewable sources of energy.
6) Have you noticed that flooding in Louisiana is affecting petrochemical
refineries more often? That “Cancer Alley” may be replaced by our Ohio River
valley (OH, WV, PA), with pipelines going various directions. Unfortunately,
our winds don’t blow air pollution into the Gulf of Mexico. Some say we’ll have
a “Cancer Valley.”
7) Please Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Earth!