Chair’s Corner

May – June 2017 – by Dick Beck, Chair

1)  Our 21st annual Earth Day Dinner was another success.   Just over 100 of us gathered March 25.    We ate well, honored some good folks and groups, built relationships, and raised a few thousand dollars for our Portage Trail Group to use through the year.  Thanks to Neal Broida AND to all who participated and helped.

2)  Our executive committee wants to represent the Sierra Club in community events – especially those supporting our goals of enjoying, exploring & protecting the planet.   You may see us at a table, talking with others and distributing educational and promotional materials.   If you’d like to represent us, contact one of the officers listed in this newsletter.

3)  By the time you read this, local and national demonstrations to support science and climate action will be completed, . . . but others will be coming.    I think it’s important for us to be positive, to experiment and learn more of the realities of our world, to gather honest information, and to speak about what we are learning and discovering.

4)  I’d like us to plan more programs led by environmental scientists from local universities.   If you have favorite profs you’d like to hear tell their stories and explain their studies, please let me know.

5)  Last year, January 26, 2016, long before November’s election, at the Cleveland City Club, I heard our national Sierra Club executive Michael Brune say, “The Sierra Club wants to do for clean energy what John Muir did 100 years ago for wilderness protection. . . .  We as a culture won’t turn back from clean air, clean water and clean energy.”   That was hopeful to me then, and it still is.

6)  A few years ago, I became convinced that the earth I grew up in is gone.  The climate IS changing, and we humans have driven some of that change.   The lifestyle with which I grew up (and you did too!) needs to change.   I want this earth to be a place in which our grandchildren and their grandchildren can live well!

7) So, I appreciate your efforts to use more renewable energy, to change the ways you eat and exercise and spend money, . . . to change your driving habits, your light bulbs, your appliances, . . . to recycle trash, . . . to dream of a better society, . . . and to build new habits you think will sustain humans on earth for generations to come.