Chair’s Corner

November – December 2017 – by Dick Beck, Chair

A few random comments:

1) Our national Sierra Club now has over 850,000 paid members.   New money is creating a campaign to encourage people to spend more time outdoors.   Do you think it will help our culture if we and others spend more time outdoors?

2) Our local Portage Trail Group Sierra Club now has over 3,000 members.   To you 500 new post-Trump members:   We monitor water, maintain a new butterfly waystation, clean a road, have 11 third Tuesday monthly programs, and try to support each other.   You also support serious lobbying for the earth by Sierra Club staff in Ohio and the USA.   Thanks for joining us!

3) The Shawnee State Forest is being logged, and the current administrations are working to log and extract fossil fuels from many public lands.   Renewable energy and public transportation do not seem to be high priorities either.   The Ohio League of Women Voters is gathering signatures for an anti-gerrymandering vote.

4) On local PBS TV, I saw Cliff Hite, a Republican legislator & perhaps former Findlay High School football coach, say that for the sake of our children, we need to develop wind energy.

5) Scott Elkins from our national Sierra Club told a few of us in September that   with current gerrymandering and politics we will never win on climate change, BUT the issue is too big for us to walk away from, SO we need to build the movement and create allies.   Have you talked sincerely lately to anyone about climate justice and the future of the earth?

6) I have volunteered to chair the Ohio Chapter fund-raising committee.   I’m learning that a) Ohio Chapter Sierra Club has only two fund-raisers a year – in December and March.  b) Though we can work out tax-deductible contributions, the most usable donations are not tax-deductible.   c) I think our Ohio Chapter staff is worth supporting!

7) There are serious efforts in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Kent to commit those cities to use 100% renewable energy in ten years or so.    The tag line for that is “Ready for 100.”   What about you, your house and your car(s)?

8) Your volunteer executive committee and I are always looking for ways to support young people.   Right now, we’re looking for knowledgeable folks who can present a worthwhile program in 2018.   Know any good college professors who teach environmental issues?

9) Whatever your situation, whatever you think or trust right now, I personally appreciate your sincere efforts to enjoy, explore and protect the earth!