Chair’s Corner

May – June 2018 – by Dick Beck, Chair

Enjoy Spring!

Every season is nice for me.   But my spirits are lifted in spring, as I hear cardinals and tufted titmice,  as I watch daffodils and crocuses shoot up,  and as I explore various parks.

This year, as my wife Marlene and I babysit a three year old and an almost one year old grandsons, I look forward to going to our local park where the “grandkids” EXPLORE swings and slides and teeter-totters, and a short forest trail.  This summer, Marlene & I plan to take a tent and sleeping bags to the Canadian Rockies.  I hope you will ENJOY  the outdoors too.

Our Tuesday group meetings are a joy for me too – short, sweet, with worthwhile programs, and a chance to meet you and others who care about a healthy planet.

This year, as I consider how to PROTECT our healthy planet, I suggest:   Please vote!

 I care about “red & blue waves,” but mostly I care that YOU vote.   Why you?   Because I think you want clean air, clean water, renewable energy sources, and a healthy planet.

This year, mostly after the Ohio primary election (May 80), PTG will endorse candidates we think will work for a healthy planet.   But we trust you to know your local folk, and vote in your area for people who will support clean air, clean water, renewable energy sources, and a healthy planet.

Issue One in Ohio is a proposal to lessen gerrymandering.   Personally, I just like the idea of fair elections.   As your PTG chair, I’m painfully aware that people who have a healthy planet as a top priority have been gerrymandered out of power, both in Ohio, and in our nation.   I think that Ohio’s Issue One is not the best solution, but it’s much better than what we have.   If Issue One is voted down in May, I suggest that you sign petitions for what I call the League of Women Voters’ anti-gerrymandering proposal, to be sure it’s on the November ballot.   Either way, I hope that in three or four years politicians in Ohio will represent people more fairly, and be more likely to see various sides of issues.   No, this won’t do away with money in politics, but it’s a start.   And in the long haul, that should help protect the earth.

I spoke of money in politics.   Thanks for your support of the Sierra Club.   From what I can see (and I’m learning more all the time), we use your donations wisely.   If you’d like to support environmental politics more with money, I suggest you make one or two extra, non-tax-deductible donations – a) to the Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club, and b) to the Ohio Chapter Sierra Club PAC, both now at 131 N High St, Columbus OH 43215.   The Ohio Chapter has program people  who work to help us explore, enjoy and protect the planet.   The PAC is a small “Political Action Committee,” which can support candidates.   Our PAC goal this year is $15,000, so it IS small, but . . . if you’d like to make it larger, donate more!   Apparently, that happened in one state, where someone suddenly donated a few million dollars.   So I’m very serious about requesting your money.

Meanwhile, explore, enjoy and protect planet earth this spring!